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Developing Callisto USB cable we have set to ourselves a target to explore and use different types of materials than the rest of the industry is using and set us apart from modern trends. 

Sometimes deviation from current regular practices and trends might bring tangible results and our firm belief is that with the Callisto USB cable, we managed to achieve that. We looked into the history and laid our eyes on how the Katana swords have been produced. Special attention was given to the process of forging and hammering. We decided to use a copper wire which is not purified and possesses a significant amount of Gold and Silver particles inside the wire. Wire has been mechanically treated (hammering) in order to achieve desired gauge and technical specification.

The combination of these copper wires with hand build dielectric has made the Callisto USB cable be unique product on the market in terms of materials used, build quality, and as a result of those sound quality. It for sure will help extract each note from your system. 

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